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I am a professional 3D artist based in Sweden with experience in both in-house game development roles and freelance art outsourcing, and have a vocational degree in game art. My strengths are being highly results-oriented, able to quickly iterate and consistently deliver the highest quality while meeting any deadline.


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Contact: nils@ducker.se

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LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC - 2012, PS3
I worked on several DLC content packs for LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet Karting. These were created from provided concept art and make use of efficient modelling and unwrapping. Normalmap detail was usually derived from highpoly meshes created in Max with some parts made in Photoshop using the nDo plugin.

Battlefield 3 - 2011, Xbox360, PS3, PC
I worked on Battlefield 3 and Back to Karkand expansion as technical artist. I made several sets of interior, rooftop, and street litter props as used on the expansion pack maps. All of these were made using compact texture atlases and use optimized destruction effects done with console performance in mind. I was also responsible for asset optimization and bugfixing for the Xbox360 and PS3 versions.

Golf Battle 3D - 2010, IOS, Android, Bada
Golf Battle 3D is a casual massively multiplayer arcade golf game for Iphone, Android and Samsung Bada. On Golf Battle 3D I did level concepting and design, all level art, animation rigs and prototyping the character customization system.

USN Sturgeon-class SSN sneaking away after sinking a Soviet Kresta 2 ASW cruiser - 2D illustration
The sub and the cruiser were built in 3dsmax and rendered in an underwater environment I built. I then made a paintover pass in Photoshop.

Derelict Old Bunker - 3D Environment
This was my art test for DICE which I passed successfully. The bunker was built in with modular geometry and then broken up with damaged sections to make it look interesting. I used decals to break up the base texture with weathering and wear.

AFX Navy Strike Fighter - Vehicle model
This was based on a cancelled 1990's US Navy project for a stealthy naval adaptation of the F-22 Raptor for the strike role. All control surfaces, landing gears and weapon bays are fully animated and it features a fully functional virtual cockpit based on that of the real life F-22 fighter. A single 2048x2048 texture was used.

CVN Ulyanovsk - Warship model
This was based on drawings of the real Soviet 80's project to build a fullsize supercarrier. It was intended for the Strike Fighters 2 flight sim engine and as such the textures were made to look good when landing and taking off on the carrier. The Su-33 fighter and Yak-44 AWACS plane are around 1200 tris each.

Convair 201 - Vehicle model, Flight Simulator X Payware
This is based on a 1970's design for a small Navy strike fighter. All moving parts are fully animated and it features a fully functional virtual cockpit based on existing 1970's cockpits. All paintschemes are adapted from real 1970's USN squadrons. A single 2048x2048 texture was used.

Oil Tanker - Civilian ship model
This is based on the recent PC-1 class of US Shipping tankers but somewhat modified to work as a "generic" modern tanker. Build time around 30h including texturing.

MG-34 Light Machinegun - Ghetto Freaks, 2010
This weapon was made for a first person shooter developed as our final project during the Game Assembly game art curiculum. The textures and normalmaps are based on hipoly bakes.